Behind the Scenes of a Cookbook Shoot

I had the pleasure to photograph Miri Rotkovitz' new book Bubbe and Me in the Kitchen for Sonoma Press last spring. It's a treasure trove of recipes and beautifully styled images by Laurie Knoop and Kristin Stangl. Miri celebrates the food and stories her grandmothers shared with her and also added her own twists to the recipes. On set we had a great time sharing Babka and our own Bubbe, Savta, Grandma, Oma, and Nana memories. 


Photoshoot for Sheraton Hotels

Starwood’s global marketing team took a fresh look at their signature dishes and commissioned me to photograph a campaign for their new initiative at Sheraton Hotels & Resorts. You'll find the images all over the world and social media. Look for #PairedPerfectly

Paired: Inspired Ingredients, Expertly Matched
Inspired by global cuisine, worldwide tradition and local culture, Paired couples distinctive flavors to create unexpected taste sensations. Small Plates that pair perfectly with handpicked craft beers from local breweries and Sheraton Selects, a wine list curated by Wine Spectator will be available to Sheraton guests all over the world.


Photoshoot for Misha's Dairy: When yogurt grows up

Quark may be new to America, but it has been a culinary tradition in Europe for centuries. From my home country Germany (quark) to France (fromage blanc), from Norway (kvarg) to Russia (tvorog). It has been a staple in my childhood and I was super excited when Misha's Dairy hired me to photograph their campaign to introduce quark to the American market.

On the team were Liz Mazzei (art director & producer), Laurie Knoop (food styling) and Mia Müller-Schöll (assistant). We had a lovely shoot at Misha's Headquarters in Manhattan with co-founcer Kamilya. You can find out where to taste and purchase their products on their blog.


Still Life Photo Shoot: Lisa Hunt Creative

Lisa Hunt, former creative director of Essence magazine, launched her ALCHEMY collection just in time for the Holidays and asked me to photograph for her online presence. The lovely team included Tracey Woods (Photo Director), Lynda White (Prop Stylist), Dorcia Kelley (Wardrobe Stylist), T Cooper (Makeup Artist), Kyle Goen (Right Hand) and Eva Ermert (Photo Assistant). 


Still Life Photo Shoot: Dorian Ward Trading Company

Dorian Ward Trading Company is an antique concept store on 35 Christopher Street in New York City. I had the pleasure of photographing their producs with the art direction of Vanessa Brennan and styled by fellow Big Leo artist Courtney de Wet. Below are a few images from the shoot:


Cookbook Photoshoot: How Many People Does it Take to Photograph A Cookbook?

What do you think? How many does it take? Scroll down to see how many people I had on my team to shoot Candice Kumai's Clean Green Drinks cookbook. It looks fantastic and has super delicious recipes. Here are some pages from the book: 

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