A-Z Cheese Pairings, Photoshoot for Culture Magazine

Looking for new ideas for your next cheese plate? Take a look at this feature I shot for Culture Magazine251 Creative, Crazy-delicious Pairings. Never be boring again. 

Art direction by jolly Jen Quinn from rad Red Herring Design, food styling by lovely Laurie Knoop at Studio129, and assisted by marvelous Mia Müller-Schöll. 

Photoshoot for Sheraton Hotels

Starwood’s global marketing team took a fresh look at their signature dishes and commissioned me to photograph a campaign for their new initiative at Sheraton Hotels & Resorts. You'll find the images all over the world and social media. Look for #PairedPerfectly

Paired: Inspired Ingredients, Expertly Matched
Inspired by global cuisine, worldwide tradition and local culture, Paired couples distinctive flavors to create unexpected taste sensations. Small Plates that pair perfectly with handpicked craft beers from local breweries and Sheraton Selects, a wine list curated by Wine Spectator will be available to Sheraton guests all over the world.


Photoshoot for Misha's Dairy: When yogurt grows up

Quark may be new to America, but it has been a culinary tradition in Europe for centuries. From my home country Germany (quark) to France (fromage blanc), from Norway (kvarg) to Russia (tvorog). It has been a staple in my childhood and I was super excited when Misha's Dairy hired me to photograph their campaign to introduce quark to the American market.

On the team were Liz Mazzei (art director & producer), Laurie Knoop (food styling) and Mia Müller-Schöll (assistant). We had a lovely shoot at Misha's Headquarters in Manhattan with co-founcer Kamilya. You can find out where to taste and purchase their products on their blog.


Why You Need to Invest in Quality Food Photography


I hope you can see why!

You need creative direction and a pro team to get it right. The "after" photo involved a food stylist (to create a stunning cake), a prop stylist (to find just the right cake stand), a studio with beautiful light, and yes, a food photographer (moi). The "before" photo was shot by the PR intern (no offense).

A Recipe Video: Creative Collaboration with Laura Silverman

I had the pleasure to collaborate with creative director Laura Silverman on a series of videos for Glutton for Life, where she writes about truly shameless indulgence at the table, from the garden, in the wild and on the road. The first recipe video I am sharing is her Passionfruit Pavlova. In case you did not know, the pavlova was created in honor of the Russian ballet dancer, Anna Pavlova, during one of her tours to Australia and New Zealand in the 1920s. 

Restaurant Photoshoot: Macelleria Steak House

I had the pleasure of photographing my favourite steak house Macelleria over the holidays. They recently opened a butcher shop in the nearby Gansevoort Market, New York's latest culinary hot-spot in the Meatpacking District. Macelleria's house-made sausages are with the trip alone. Below you see chef Frederico at work.