Food Photography Internship

NYC-based food and product photography studio is looking for a motivated, friendly, and responsible intern who would be excited to help out in a small studio during the spring semester (January-June 2016).

Job Description:
- assist on shoots (from setting up white balance to cleaning dishes)
- take notes during training sessions & workshops
- attend meetings with clients and agencies
- submit images to stock photography sites
- manage und update social media sites
- update mailing lists
- data entry

- fluent in spoken and written English
- warm, positive, and open attitude
- interest in food and product photography
- working knowledge of Apple Computers and Adobe CS

I will teach you everything I know about food and product photography and running your own studio. I'd be happy to connect you to previous interns so you can hear about their experience. If you are interested please send your cover letter and resume to I’d love to hear from you.

This is an unpaid internship with lots of delicious food.

Hot Props for Food Photography


Handcrafted, one-of-a-kind dinnerware is a hot trend in photography, especially food photography. Enter ABC Carpet & Home in NYC and you'll find me—and every other creative director—drooling over those delicious bowls. If you are a thrifty shopper you'll appreciate the sources for the story above. Just quit your eyes and you'll be able to see! I shot this for Spaces Magazine, with the art direction of Barbara Schmidt, founder of Studio StyleB


Make What You Make Look Great: An Introduction to Product Photography

Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park Classroom
Date: Sunday, September 20th
Time: 2:00PM-4:00PM

Geared toward crafters, makers, and small business owners, this workshop offer some tips and tools to simply style, light and photograph your product and make it look amazing! Participants should bring a camera (a cell phone camera is fine!) and a small piece to shoot, and our instructors will guide you through the process of creating interesting and unique photos that you can use in your online store or in your marketing materials. 

The workshop will be led by a product photographer and a product stylist who will provide a few basic ‘place settings’ that students can use to arrange their work with guidance from the instructors on how (and why) to use certain color schemes, when and where to introduce different textures and how to use mostly natural lighting to bring out the beauty of your homemade and hand-crafted wares.


Still Life Photo Shoot: Lisa Hunt Creative

Lisa Hunt, former creative director of Essence magazine, launched her ALCHEMY collection just in time for the Holidays and asked me to photograph for her online presence. The lovely team included Tracey Woods (Photo Director), Lynda White (Prop Stylist), Dorcia Kelley (Wardrobe Stylist), T Cooper (Makeup Artist), Kyle Goen (Right Hand) and Eva Ermert (Photo Assistant). 


Still Life Photo Shoot: Dorian Ward Trading Company

Dorian Ward Trading Company is an antique concept store on 35 Christopher Street in New York City. I had the pleasure of photographing their producs with the art direction of Vanessa Brennan and styled by fellow Big Leo artist Courtney de Wet. Below are a few images from the shoot: