CASE STUDY: Black and White

Client: Personal project

Creative direction: After working on a number of client projects involving bold color, I wanted to experiment with black and white. Master food stylist Charlotte Omnès and I collaborated on this series: We gathered interesting food products and kitchen tools, and assembled them into vignettes based on a whimsical or eye-catching central object. We created distinctive groupings of food and objects that reminded us of classical still life paintings. As you can tell we were heavily inspired by Irving Penn. Each shot has a theme, like “Hunter-Gatherer,” which includes bones, plants, quail eggs and other unexpected items.

I always wondered why there isn’t much BW food photography out there, and after I finished this personal project, I understand why! Light, shadow and arrangement are especially challenging when you’re working in black and white. Explorations like this allow me to sharpen my skills and expand my capabilities.


Crew: food stylist Charlotte Omnès