CASE STUDY: daBomb Bath Fizzers


Client: daBomb Bath Fizzers

Creative direction: Talk about a fun project: working with teenage entrepreneurs who just landed their product in Target stores and a book deal. I loved collaborating with sisters Isabel and Caroline and their family on a photo shoot for their upcoming book from Quarto Publishing. The book features their recipes for DIY bath bombs and beauty products. We shot the bath bombs with colorful props, with black backgrounds that reinforce daBomb’s branding and packaging. The whole shoot was full of sprinkles and glitter! 

Crew: Business owners Isabel and Caroline and their family, Quarto art director and editor

CASE STUDY: Anne of Green Gables

Client: Quarto Publishing

Creative direction: L.M. Montgomery’s “Anne of Green Gables” is a classic of children’s literature, with its depiction of the heroine’s life on Prince Edward Island in the early 20th century. For this reissue of “The Anne of Green Gables Coobkook,” written by Montgomery’s granddaughter, we re-created the era and setting of Anne’s story. We photographed the 25 recipes, all inspired by foods mentioned in Montgomery’s beloved book, on location in a circa-1900s home in Upstate New York. An inspiration board guided our choices of vintage wallpapers, linens, tea service and other props — the shoot was a delightful step back in time. 

Crew: Quarto art director, food stylist, food stylist assistant, photo assistant

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CASE STUDY: Simply Pho

Client: Race Point Publishing

Creative direction: Shooting images for the cookbook, “Simply Pho: A Complete Course in Preparing Authentic Vietnamese Meals at Home” offered me a deep dive into the flavors, ingredients and traditions of a cuisine that I love, but not know much about. Author Helen Le is known for her YouTube channel with how-to videos that teach home cooks how to make pho, bánh mì and other specialties. Helen provided guidance from her home in Vietnam, and our team food stylist Julia Choi and assistant stylist Erika Joyce, made sure the props and serving ideas were authentic. I loved virtually exploring the country and its food culture on this project. 

Crew: art director, editor, food stylist, assistant food stylist, photo assistant

CASE STUDY: InstantPot

Client: InstantPot

Creative direction: For this official cookbook for a new brand of electric pressure cooker (a slow cooker with all kinds of additional settings and functions), I took the lead in developing the art direction. Working with the food stylist and the client, we created a look that’s fun, approachable and welcoming to a broad audience of home cooks. The photography has a vintage cookbook kind of look, with ingredients and finished dishes shot on bold backgrounds with pops of additional color. With 50 images taken over 5 days, the shoot needed a smart gameplan (one of my strong suits) to stay on track and organized.

Crew: art director, editor, food stylist/author, assistant food stylist, prop stylist, photo assistant

CASE STUDY: Cooking with Nonna

Client: Rossella Rago

Creative direction: This shoot for the cookbook “Cooking with Nonna” was an absolute delight, because I had the opportunity to work closely with author Rossella Rago and her grandmother. Rossella built her culinary brand via YouTube, where she shares videos of her cooking with Italian grandmothers (nonnas). Her recipes are classic Italian dishes that involve multiple steps (like making homemade pasta and preparing long-cooking sauces), so the shoot took place over six days in a private kitchen. Working with the art director, we created a homey, comfortable look using props that might have come from a nonna’s kitchen. Rossella and her family were very hands-on in preparing the dishes, which gave the shoot an authentic family atmosphere. I was thrilled that the publisher chose my portrait of Rossella and her nonna for the book’s cover.

Crew: food stylist, assistant food stylist, author’s family, art director/publisher, editorial director

CASE STUDY: Flavor Bombs

Clients: Chef Giovannina Bellino and Quarto Publishing

Creative direction: What a great culinary concept: Chef Giovannina Bellino has developed recipes for what she calls “flavor bombs” — frozen cubes of intense sauce or stock that home cooks can add to dishes. For her book Flavor Bombs, food stylist Charlotte Omnès and I developed the photography style to bring Giovannina’s concept to life: bright, beautiful ingredients showcased on black backgrounds, so the colors explode off the page. Every photo is loaded with visual interest, from dynamically placed ingredients to a little bit of messiness in the scene. Working with artificial light, I photographed 17 flavor bombs and 20 accompanying recipes. 

Crew: art director, editor, food stylists, food assistant, photo assistant

CASE STUDY: Eat with Intention

Clients: Author Cassandra Bodzak, Quarto Publishing

Creative direction: Cassandra’s new book, Eat with Intention, not only presents recipes for nourishing dishes, but also shares the importance of eating with intention. She emphasizes whole ingredients and nutrition-packed recipes prepared vegan and gluten-free, as a way of eating healthfully without sacrificing the pleasure of food. I established the book’s loose, in-the-moment visual style, working with Cassandra over a week-long shoot to capture her lifestyle and her recipes. It was such a delight to work with such beautiful, fresh ingredients—and with such a talented author.

Crew: art director, editor, food stylists, food assistant, photo assistant

CASE STUDY: Candice Kumai

Client: Candice Kumai

Creative direction: Candice, a widely followed food/lifestyle blogger and author, had an established brand, so I supported her visual style with lush photographs shot in natural light for her fourth cookbook Clean Green Eats (Harper Collins). I adapted a similar look for a series of lifestyle and personal photos for publicity and brand use. We shot in two locations—in my studio and at the Culinary Vegetable Institute in Ohio—over 15 days, taking great care to ensure visual consistency between the two shoots.

Crew: food, prop and fashion stylists, hair/makeup, photo retoucher, photo assistants, food assistants, production coordinator