CASE STUDY: Home Electronics


Creative Direction: Big Leo prop stylist Ed Gallagher and I collaborated on a project to showcase some of the sleekest and stylish electronics for the home. With the creative freedom and the ability to use some of the top brands in electronics, as well as decor from Home Goods, the resulting images showcase that functionality and beauty can co-exist. 

Crew: Prop Stylist

Featured Brands: Sonos, Amazon, Sony, Audio Technica, Tivoli Audio, Home Goods


CASE STUDY: Solar System


Client: Personal Project

Creative direction: My frequent collaborator, the food stylist Kristin Stangl, had a thought: What if we used food to represent the Solar System? That question inspired our self-directed series of images. We researched each planet and the sun, using food and cooking techniques to capture characteristics like temperature, topography and atmosphere. We show the sun as a golden disc of caramelized sugar. Venus, with its volcanic landscape and average temperature of more than 800°F, is represented with a French onion soup topped with molten cheese. Earth is an arrangement of salt-baked fish and lettuces to depict its surface of water and land. We both loved researching and creating this personal project. 

Crew: Food stylist Kristin Stangl


Client: Personal project

Creative direction: I’m constantly looking to explore new creative directions, play with different looks and develop new styles for my photography — it’s part of my life as a creative person. Food stylist Julia Choi and I had fun producing this series of color studies based on Pantone’s 2017 color forecast. Inspired by hues like Flame, Yarrow and Greenery (Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year), we assembled a group of images showcasing bold colors, simple props, natural light and deep shadows. We created a bit of movement in each image — drizzling honey, scattered crumbs — to give the work a dynamic quality. The project offered a great opportunity to test ideas and techniques that Julia and I can bring to our client work.

Crew: food stylist

CASE STUDY: Black and White

Client: Personal project

Creative direction: After working on a number of client projects involving bold color, I wanted to experiment with black and white. Master food stylist Charlotte Omnès and I collaborated on this series: We gathered interesting food products and kitchen tools, and assembled them into vignettes based on a whimsical or eye-catching central object. We created distinctive groupings of food and objects that reminded us of classical still life paintings. As you can tell we were heavily inspired by Irving Penn. Each shot has a theme, like “Hunter-Gatherer,” which includes bones, plants, quail eggs and other unexpected items.

I always wondered why there isn’t much BW food photography out there, and after I finished this personal project, I understand why! Light, shadow and arrangement are especially challenging when you’re working in black and white. Explorations like this allow me to sharpen my skills and expand my capabilities.


Crew: food stylist Charlotte Omnès

CASE STUDY: American Food


Client: Personal Project

Creative direction: So often, my projects involve photographing seasonal, healthy food … and I was hungry for a creative challenge that took me in a totally different direction. For our series “American Heroes,” food stylist Nicole Twohy, prop stylist Ed Gallagher and I set out to capture iconic American dishes: donuts, burgers, hot dogs, chicken and waffles. We had a blast collaborating on this purely self-directed creative exploration that celebrates the classic tastes of American food.  

Crew: Food stylist Nicole Twohy, prop stylist Ed Gallagher