How to Make a DIY Light Box for Better Product Photography

Lighting and backdrop are key to any great product photo. From food to shoes, lighting and a crisp background are essential to taking a perfect photo. When the media shows interest in your products, and they want to publish a story featuring your brand, they will want product photos on white backgrounds. There are many reasons for this, but white backgrounds are almost non-negotiable when sending the press your photos.

If you aren't able to hire a photographer who specializes in product photography (and it's important that if you do hire a photographer, that they specialize in this...photographers are gifted in different areas, and a landscape photographer might not take professional looking product shots), then here is your go-to guide for making your own light box that brings you so much closer to having professional grade product photography!




5 iPhone Apps for Product Photography

Here are 5 iPhone apps that can take your pictures to the next level. My favorite go-to photo apps that will have you taking professional looking shots in no time.

If you are only considering one app this is the one! VSCOCam is far better then your build in iPhone camera. My favorite feature: their separate exposure and focus points. They allow you to focus on one area of the product and play around with the exposure by dragging the exposure point to lighter or darker areas in the frame.

Aviary is my go to iPhone photo editor. I can quickly take care of blemishes or adjust cropping. If you need a lot more power and features try Adobe's Photoshop for iPhone version, but be warned it's deep!

Over let's you add beautiful typography and artwork to your photos. Such a nice way of making a flyer of your latest product and sending it out to your social media accounts, or sending a quick thank you to your special costumer!

Instagram is a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your product or behind the scene images with your costumers. Take a picture or video, tweak it and send it out to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

Why not pin your product photos straight into Pinterest from your iPhone. It's quick and easy. Don't forget to add a description to your photo that includes your keywords!


Private Photo Lessons

If you need help with image strategy, setup, lighting, camera modes and editing, Evi can get you up and running. Get started with a 30 min. phone consultation.




Evi will walk you through the basics of how to take great photos with your iPhone that support your business. She will talk about image strategy and share her favorite apps for color correction, cropping, and other image adjustments and will show you the most impactful methods of sharing on social media.

March 20th, 12-2pm
In Good Company, 16 West 23rd Street, NYC
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