Capturing Quality
Beautiful photography tells a story of quality and value. I work with clients to create imagery that allows their food and products to shine in a simple yet stunning way. The subject itself guides my creative approach: I seek the quiet artfulness of an object, the organic freshness of an ingredient or dish. Sometimes I add movement or visual drama to breathe life into the image. Working with available daylight or studio lighting and thoughtfully chosen props, my goal is always to make the subjects of my photographs look natural, desirable, delicious.  


How We Work Together
Prior to the shoot (in person or over the phone), we’ll discuss scope, goals, art direction, timeline, budget and all the other details necessary to ensure a smooth project with an excellent outcome. We'll collaborate on moodboards to set the tone of the shoot. I will assemble the right team of stylists that fits your vision. On the day of the shoot, you’re welcome to join us on location or in the studio if your schedule permits. If that isn’t possible, then I’ll share the photos throughout the day.  


Adaptability & Flexibility
Before the shoot, my team and I know the questions to ask and the details to finalize. And while I do my best to prepare, sometimes clouds roll in and ruin the perfect lighting, cakes don’t turn out right or locations aren’t available at the last minute. In other words, life happens. In these situations, my team and I stay calm, roll up our sleeves to secure extra lights, run to the store for more icing or help scout a new location. We’ll take care of the little things to ensure a successful, drama-free shoot.